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Have you seen our Little Free Library? It's next to the Seven Oaks Playground. We hope you will take some books and contribute some books. It's open to the neighborhood.
Where is your rain water going?
In Cooperation with Montgomery County Water Management Program, 3OA has built 7 drainage systems to send the water from your rear gutters into catch basins--so that the water moves away from our homes and basements. Please make sure your gutters are clear and that your downspouts drain into this system. Also periodically check the catch basins behind your home and clear them of leaves or debris. Click here to see the drainage system diagrams (pdf). 
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Our Pool Opens on Memorial Day Weekend

Sat: 10-8

Sun: 10-8

Mon: 10-8
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Our Little Free Library

Each spring and fall, the Three Oaks Landscapers will do a "grounds clean out" to clear and maintain the trails behind our homes. 

Please take time to walk behind your house and see what it looks like! 

Do you have any concerns or suggestions? If so, please use the "Contact Us" form. 
Spring & Fall Grounds Clean Out
The parking lot and the sidewalks are normally cleared and treated after 2" of snow have fallen.

As an extra safety and courtesy for you and your neighbors, please keep the sidewalk in front of your house clear and treated when it snows. This is in compliance with Montgomery County snow removal regulations.

Parking lot/street: Our contract pays for snow plowing down the center of the parking area when the snow is more than 2" (less than 6") deep. Our contract is for a snow plow only. Some snow might be left in front of parked cars (just as it is on a public street). NOTE: Do not shovel extra snow into the parking lot. The plow cannot push snow that is more then 6" deep. 

Sidewalks: Your dues pays for sidewalk clearing when the snow is more than 2" deep.

**If it's a smaller amount of snow or ice forms later on, we all need to pitch in. Remember to de-ice your front steps AND your front sidewalks during and after a storm.  

Per county law, residents are required to clear sidewalks in 24 hours. This helps pedestrians, postal workers, etc. walk safely.
Extra snow removal: After an extra deep snow, a bobcat will sometimes be brought in to help remove snow from the unreserved parking spaces. 
Snow Removal